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Putin Makes Fools of the American Right…Again

March 8, 2014

This story starts with George Bush’s invitation to Vladimir Putin to visit the family ranch in Crawford in 2001. As Bush noted at the time, “If I didn’t trust him, I wouldn’t have invited him to the ranch.” Even at the time, it was hard to make sense of this. Did he convince himself that Putin was not going to make off with Laura’s good china? But in the next sentence, we go down the Bush rabbit hole (the first trip of many): “I looked into his eyes and got a sense of his soul.”

In 2008, Mr. Trustworthy Soul Mate launched Russian troops and armor into the independent republic of Georgia, Czechoslovakia-style. The world was outraged. “We are all Georgians now!” bleated John McCain.

Did the American Right excoriate President Bush for being feckless, indecisive and weak? Or even being a bad judge of character (he certainly was that, among his many other flaws)? No. The American Right was really, really mad at Mr. Trustworthy Soul Mate. But they eventually cooled down and Mr. Trustworthy Soul Mate did not care. Russian troops are still there to this day.

When we all got used to the idea that Russian troops were not going to leave Georgia until Mr. Trustworthy Soul Mate said so, the American Right resumed their love affair with Putin. Why not? In prior posts I have commented on the deep authoritarian streak in the American Right. No need to rehash it here.

Pat Buchanan: Putin is the leader of a world wide conservative movement

Sarah Palin (to Sean Hannity):

Well, yes, especially under the commander-in-chief that we have today because Obama’s — the perception of him and his potency across the world is one of such weakness. And you know, look, people are looking at Putin as one who wrestles bears and drills for oil. They look at our president as one who wears mom jeans and equivocates and bloviates. We are not exercising that peace through strength that only can be brought to you courtesy of the red, white and blue, that only a strengthened United States military can do.

Note: I included the quote instead of just a link because Palin’s butchered syntax is just as hilarious as ever.

Liberty Counsel’s Matt Barber: Putin is the world’s moral leader

Sputtering Evangelical lunatic Bryan Fischer: Putin is a Lion of Christianity especially because of use of violence against gays, appearently.

Matt Drudge: Putin is the leader of the free world

The list goes on and on.

Which brings us to, you guessed it, Ukraine. When Mr. World’s Moral Leader (I upgraded his title) sent his troops into Ukraine the world again was outraged. But this time, the American Right blamed…wait for it…

OBAMA! Of course, all of this was caused by Obama’s fecklessness, cowardice, indecisiveness, immorality, Muslim-ness and the plain fact that he has never been photographed wrestling bears.

Hannity (predictably) This is Obama’s 

John (We’re all Ukrainians now!) McCain blames the Mr. World’s Moral Leader’s move into Ukraine on a 1983 college essay of President Obama’s:

And Lindsey Graham rolls his eyes. This was actually caused by Benghazi 

Rudy Giuliani believes that, unlike Obama, Mr. World’s Moral Leader is a real leader

Of course, the American Right cannot for a moment consider that perhaps the fact that Russian troops are still in Georgia, in spite of all our pissing and moaning, played any part in Mr. World’s Moral Leader’s cynical calculus. That would be simply to hard to pin on Obama.

  1. So your take is that with six years of experience and additional insight Obama screwed up just like George Bush? Interesting. It makes a great case for Obama. But maybe Bush didn’t screw up.

    • As always, you miss the point of the post. I think when you cannot offer a counter to the ideas that I present, you just try to change the subject. No matter. I’m used to it.

      I did not blame Bush for anything other than being a poor judge of character. I do not blame him for Georgia, nor do I blame Obama for Ukraine. The only bad actor here is Putin. I start the story with Bush the Lesser because it seems to me that is when the American Right started to to line up to give Vladimir blow jobs.

      Also, the post had nothing at all to do with he geopolitical and ethnic complexities of the region. It did not address the history of Ukraine, Crimea, or the Charge of the Light Brigade for that matter. Although I am sure that you can find a way to blame Obama for that too. Why don’t you work on it?

      The point of the post (I am sorry that I even have to say this again) is to point point out the foolishness and hypocrisy of the American right–praising Putin to the skies and giving Bush a pass on Georgia while trying to blame Obama when Putin does exactly the same thing in Ukraine.

      You must understand the basic definition of hypocrisy don’t you? You certainly spend a lot of energy accusing the left of hypocrisy. But if you don’t understand the concept, maybe you should refrain from trying yo use it.

      Just a thought.

  2. Funny how your headline flies in the face if reality. While the quotes may be factual it doesn’t appear that a blame Bush strategy is getting any traction. In the meantime.

  3. In the meantime this Should make you angry.

    • Neither timely nor responsive–just another attempt to change the subject because you cannot possibly bring yourself to admit that the right wing lunatic fringe just might be wrong about something.

      Sorry you don’t like my choice of subjects–but its my site. If you think that Darryl “the Thug” Issa not comprehending the difference between allegation and fact is more important–fine. That’s what your site is for. If you think that the Thug’s inability to make this non-scandal stick, in spite of his attempt to create a scandal by only releasing the transcripts that favor his case (and then only the out of context, redacted versions), and not releasing the transcripts that make his pathetic little scandal fall apart (we can thank Ranking Member Cummings for the full release), then I simply wish you well in your little Fever Swamp circle jerk.

      In the meantime, you have demonstrated that you cannot engage on the actual ideas of the original post. Changing the subject is the best you can do. Game. Set. Match.

      • not_Anonymous permalink

        Yes indeed, Nixon was targeted by a progressive mob. He was truly a political saint who was unfairly vilified because… oh right, he wasn’t.

  4. “Game. Set. Match.”? What is that? Do you think of me as a debating opponent? Not even. I am standing on the sidelines making comments while you tilt with windmills. Have you ever seen any evidence that I read your posts all the way through? I have never been able to do that. I usually get lost or bored. Maybe I’m stupid. That thought will hearten you. But maybe I’m not. Hmmmm….

    • Maybe you shouldn’t comment on things you haven’t read. It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

      Sent from my iPad


  5. It would probably take one to know one.

  6. not_Anonymous permalink

    It takes a lot of macho to leave this blog up as events unfold.

    • Why? The post was certainly not a defense of Putin (oh, I forgot for a moment that don’t actually read the posts) but simply an attempt to point out the right wing’s foolish love affair with the guy. If anything, the right winger who have praised Putin to the skies are the ones who should be eating generous helpings of crow-especially in light of recent events.

      If you actually took the effort to read these posts before you made comments, you would save yourself the embarrassment of spewing forth this foolishness.

  7. Maybe if you made your headlines more relevant to the contents of your posts you would keep me from walking into these perfidious traps. 🙂 How does that sound for a progressive excuse? But hey I am not criticizing Putin or defending Putin. If you read my comment you can see that I am acknowledging your macho for a continued headline on the Right’s embarrassment even while Obama’s is undergoing total humiliation. Duh! Who is embarrassed?

    • Speaking of Duh! The post was not about Obama, which you would know if you had read it.

      The headline is perfectly Germaine: 1. Trusty Soul Mate invades Georgia and and 2. Putin invades Crimea While Sara Palin swoons and the rest of the right wing talkers praise Putin to the skies. Hence, “again”.

      Sent from my iPad


  8. Technically germane but quite trivialAs I was saying.

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