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Point Bonita Lighthouse

February 4, 2015

At the entrance to the Golden Gate stands the Point Bonita Lighthouse.

On a recent outing with my wife, brother and my cousin I learned a lesson that I guess I need to keep leaning: don’t over-focus.

The mind, not the camera.

We we there in the last moments of daylight and it was a perfect West Coast sunset. The lighthouse is the only one in America that is accessible only by a suspension bridge, and while on the bridge I was hyer-focused on this:

Point Bonita Lighthouse

Point Bonita Lighthouse, Late Afternoon


While I was fussing with all of the doodads on my gear to get this image, my brother tapped me on the shoulder and said “You need to to turn around.”

And when I turned around, I saw this:

San Francisco Late Afternoon

San Francisco Late Afternoon


The lesson is that when in the field, always take the extra moment to just turn around. Now I have two photographs that make me happy instead of one.

Life is full of surprises.








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