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An Anniversary Comes…And Goes

December 14, 2013

Now we can celebrate the one year anniversary of having done nothing, at the national level, to address gun violence since the Massacre of the Innocents at Sandy Hook.

There has been some progress in addressing this problem in the Blue States which will be largely ineffective because of the open borders between our states. But even in the Blue States the shills for the gun industry, the NRA, are doing their best to impede progress. Sunnyvale California, has passed, by popular vote, a measure that would bring more sanity to gun regulation, which the NRA has threatened to challenge in court. So local communities cannot even set their own standards without NRA interference.

The Red states, on the other hand, are busy making easing any gun restrictions whatsoever, including a law that permits firearms in saloons.

I can’t imagine what could possibly go wrong.

The Red states are particularly interesting in that they have far more gun deaths per capita than the Blue states The one possible exception is the District of Columbia (which is not really a State). They like their guns, resist any notion of responsible gun ownership or gun safety, and apparently don’t mind seeing their citizens killed in disproportionate numbers by gun violence.

Slate magazine attempted to track the lives lost by gun violence since Sandy Hook. This week, they admitted that they failed. Although they documented over 11,000 by collecting news reports, this week they admitted that the actual number of death by gun violence is probably three times what they were able to count. And the beat goes on.

So this week, let’s mark the anniversary by lighting our candles, praying our prayers, and expressing genuine sorrow for the grieving. That, along with the soothing words of the NRA is that the solution to gun violence is more guns. That will make us feel better about ourselves.

After all, there is only 10 shopping days until Christmas.


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