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Joucas, Provence

November 1, 2014

Joucas, located in the Luberon area of Provence, is a quiet hilltop village. And I do mean quiet. It does not get much tourist traffic because it is between for more popular Provence destinations of Gordes and Roussillon. In fact when we were there, it seemed that we were the only tourists wandering the streets.

We were invited into the home of a resident for a tour of her 300 year old, four story residence. It may be that as tourists we were a rare sight, or maybe this lady invited every stranger she encountered into her home. Hard to say.

In any case, if you are ever in the region and need a quiet break from the tourist hustle and bustle of Provence, stop here and enjoy, even for a few moments, the quiet beauty of the region.


Steeple BW

Steeple of the Church Overlooking the vinyards


Narrow Sreets 3

Cobblestone Street










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