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Just Where is the Uber-Partiot Militia Movement Now?

August 15, 2014

I am doing my best to stay out of politics and devote my energy to my first passion–photography. But sometime, I need to return to the political fray.

Like now.

One of the animating factors in the militia movement is to protect us from the tyrannical government:

So I am wondering, where are these uber-patriot protectors against tyranny in the wake of what is beginning to look like the cold blooded murder of an unarmed teenager in Ferguson MO? Or the over-militarized police reaction against lawfully assembled citizens seeking a redress of grievances?


Fergeson 1

Getting ready fr urban combat


Feregeson 4

Time to kick some unarmed teenaged ass…

Are they not outraged by police sitting atop armored vehicles pointing a tripod mounted weapon at what appears to be unarmed citizenry? Under what circumstances would they open fire on these citizens?

Fergeson 2

Ready to open fire on unarmed citizens


Fergeson 3


Or are they only outraged by a petty land dispute brought on by a Nevada grifter?

Come on, militia uber-patriots. An unarmed citizen with with his hands up being gunned down by a police officer is the streets is government tyranny. Leaving the man’s body in the street is tyranny. Overwhelming police reaction, with automatic weapons and full tactical gear facing unarmed citizens is tyranny.

Where are the militia men “Praetorian Guard!!” when we see this kind of tyranny on the streets on an American city?

Protecting Cliven Bundy’s cows, thats where.

So militia types, either show up with your guns to protect the citizens or admit that all of your big talk at the Bundy ranch is nothing but hyperventilated bullshit.





  1. The number of straw men here is a fire hazard.

  2. Not_Anonymous permalink

    But I do agree with your basic premise. Our police are over militarized. What we need is an arms bearing population and regular police who wear police uniforms and have normal police equipment (cars, not tanks etc.)

  3. While not disagreeing that the cops are over militarized, one has to ask what the militarized police mobilized against in Nevada versus what they are mobilizing against in Ferguson MO.

    • I do not think that the militarization in Nevada started with the BLM. That militarization was provoked by the militia types showing up to defend the cows and the grifter by pointing their “militarized” weaponry at peace officers and instituting their own roadblocks and checkpoints in the area.

      Besides you are missing the point of the post. A petty land use dispute in Nevada is TYRANNY but the situation in MO? Not so much. So all the big talkers are nowhere to be found when a) there is actual tyranny in the streets or b) they actually might get hurt when facing off against real government power. A point that I have made several times on previous posts.

      Thus, the big talk is hyperventilated bullshit.

  4. Not_Anonymous permalink

    Well I don’t know if the BLM action was tyranny but in Ferguson MO the police mobilized to stop looting and rioting. Was there any violence at the “Bunkerville” ranch to justify the arms buildup? When in the history of the US has a radical right wing militia group rioted against the government and destroyed property? On the other hand how often has the ghetto rioted and destroyed property? A little perspective may help you with your fainting from hyperventilation.

    Don’t get me wrong. The police in Ferguson are over militarized but their biggest problem was that they couldn’t shoot looters. Regular police could have shot a few and the riots would have stopped. No tanks needed for that. You do agree that looting, breaking windows etc. is a crime I am sure.

    • I agree that looting is not justified, but I do not agree that it per se justifies deadly force (it may in some individualized circumstances). If fact, deadly force may in fact may make the situation worse. Point in fact-the withdrawal of the Robocops from Ferguson have had somewhat of a calming effect.

      To another point–it was the militia boys in Nevada that were spouting off about protecting the grifter from tyranny.

      As for the right wing radicals rioting–true as far as it goes. Large scale rioting is not their style. Their style is more along the lines of bombing day care centers with truckloads of fertilizer or murdering doctors in their own churches.

  5. Not_anonymous permalink

    I hate to defend Bundy in any way because he is a fool but he is a fool locked in a struggle with another very powerful fool, Harry Reid. So my sympathies are reluctantly with the underdog. I thought David Koresh was a moronic fool (and his followers the same) but did they deserve what Bill Clinton and Janet Reno served up?

    • Of course not. Every step in the government response to Koresh was wrong, including the final act of brutality. Criminal, in my view. I can also say the same about Ruby Ridge.

  6. Not_anonymous permalink

    This is what Tea Party conservatives and libertarians are pushing back against. We don’t need militarized police. As I said elsewhere the old GOP has gone along for the ride but you shouldn’t expect the progressive wing of the left to back away from police militarization anytime soon.

    My favorite pictures (in the links above) are minorities standing in front of their stores with weapons ready. They should have been able to count on the police but the police were too scared to shoot and instead just postured on their tanks.

    • In this narrow sense I am in league with the Tea Party. Its just the noise, racism, and general buffoonery that they bring that pushes me away. As a progressive, I was ready to back away from militarized civilian police long ago. We don’t need SWAT teams serving eviction notices. Its just that these local cops get all of this “tough guy” gear from Homeland Security and can’t wait to put it on and play dress-up.

      And when can we stop laughing at fat cops dressed up in the tactical gear? Ive tried but can’t help myself.

      • Not_anonymous permalink

        Good to see you come around and recognize that conservatives and libertarianism have serious reservations about militarizing the police. Perhaps you saw that from some of my links because I certainly would claim no credit for changing your mind.

        Perhaps I could find some evidence to convince you that the Tea Party is not racist but I doubt that you are open to the exploration of that idea.

        In my book socialist progressives are the intellectual heirs of the racist confederacy and militarized police, gerrymandered districts, the welfare state, abortion on demand are all tools of state control.

    • Convincing me that the TP is not racist would be a very tough hill to climb given all the evidence to the contrary already in the public discourse. Go to Google images and use the term Tea Party and Racism and you will see more than what any reasonable person would need to see.

      Attaching the label “socialism” to “progressives” is just empty labeling and nonsensical rhetoric. Many parts of our society are already socialist and have been since the founding. Why even your beloved Koch brothers are socialists in their own fashion, although you would never admit to it. Its just that conservatives love socialism when it benefits them and hate it when it benefits the poors. Any time we socialize the cost of private profits it is, well, socialism. But I guess that is OK in their hypocritical ideology.

      And gerrymandering is some kind of liberal plot? If it were not for gerrymandering, the Democrats would control the house. Please note that in hated California, the hotbed that is all evil and liberal, our districts are not gerrymandered. What can you say about Texas?

      And this racist confederacy of progressive sounds like it comes straight from the Fever Swamp. I would be interested in this topic of yours if we could get to something that approaches reason, and not right wing hysterics.

      • Inexhaustible supplies of strawmen. And then logic of logic, the way to discern that the tea party is racist is a Google search with the terms tea part and racist? Amazing! What isn’t racist by that measure?

        No point in extending the argument. Who could argue against such “logic”?

  7. Now we are not discussing anything, are we? When I object to straw man arguments from the right (i.e., Marco Rubio) I give examples and reasoning. You just talk. Call my arguments “Banana Cream Pie!” and it will have exactly the same effect.

    As for the deep racist element in the Tea Party, the evidence is all around you. I just offered Google Images because it was quick and easy and I was tired. I do not want to put the effort into providing you with thousands of links that you will disregard in any case. Because anything that is contrary to your established world view does not exist, appearantly. I cannot open either your yes or your mind, so I think we are done here.

  8. Stunningly effective arguments!

  9. Cold blooded murder? You are going to want to walk that back. In about a week or less it will be utterly clear that you jumped the gun. In the meantime you could be looking for a case where a US policeman accosts a suspect in a robbery in broad daylight in a neighborhood with witnesses and kills him in cold blood. Happy searching.

    • I think you may be the one walking things back. The officer discharged his weapon while Brown was fleeing according to eyewitnesses. The eyewitnesses also report that Brown was shot trying to surrender.

      Brown was killed, not at close range but at least 30 feet from the patrol car where the original scuffle allegedly too place (eyewitness accounts dispute the police version of the narrative). And how do you account for an entry wound in the top of the head? Please don’t tell me he was charging the officer like an enraged bull which I am sure that you know incomplete claptrap and contrary to eyewitness accounts.

      And did you notice that the Klan showed up in defense of the police? Shall I post a picture for you?

      How does it feel to be in league with the Ku Klux Klan?

      Private autopsy does not rule out that Brown’s arm would could have been while he was fleeing or attempting to surrender.

      And in your typical Fever Swamp attitude to blame the victim, you have again wandered pretty far off topic. Where are the militia soldier wannabes that loudly proclaim that they are protecting us from tyranny? Are police training their military-style weapons at civilian protesters not the very definition of tyranny? Is there not more at stake here than the grifter’s cows?

      The whole militia movement is full of some unhinged characters with an overblown sense of their own importance and spouting hyperventilated bullshit. As I have noted many times before.

  10. ronlevickesq permalink

    “Just Where is the Uber-Partiot Militia Movement Now?” The answer is simple, they are at their ‘forward operating base’ in Kansas City, Mo. (aka a well known bar). They are working out their plans for duck hunting season and will get to talking about events in Ferguson later.

  11. Not_anonymous permalink

    Bigdogdancer, the New Black Panther party showed up. Are you guilty of some thought crime because they share some sympathies? By your standards it would seem so but you don’t have standards or logic so your answer is emphatically “no!”

  12. Not_anonymous permalink

    Keep the peace. Hahahahahahahaha. You still believe in Santa.

    • OK–laugh at this: How people have the NBPP killed? Odious rhetoric to be sure, but no one gets killed. How many white people have been lynched? How many white people have been tortured and murdered and buried in an earthen dike? You want pictures?
      How about the KKK? Lets compare histories, shall we?

      How wide-spread is the NBPP? How many members?
      How about the KKK?

      I could poke holes in your false equivalency all day long. Too easy, really.

  13. Why would I defend the Dems instrument of white superiority?

    • Everything odious and despicable about the right wing in America you blame on the Democrats. I cannot think of anything more dishonest, partisan or unthinking than this.

      You are an exceptionally poor student of history. Your thinking is trapped in Amber from 160 years ago. To try to make any argument that the Democrats and Republicans if the mid 19th century are exactly the same as today is just laughable.

      To believe as you do you have to accept the idea that Strom Thurmond and George Wallace were liberals.

      Care to make that case?

      You are a laugh riot.

      • Not_anonymous permalink

        The KKK is a Dem relic from the last century that has been replaced by Planned Parenthood, welfare, teachers unions, affirmative action etc. Dems have no intention of giving up control of their slaves.

  14. How many people have the teachers unions lynched? Affirmative action? Planned Parenthood (and please don’t get started on abortion. Abortion rights are legal. Lynching never was, although condoned by all of the racist right wingers of the post reconstruction era and on into Jim Crow. Whats next? Democrats are NAZIS?

    You have long ago stopped talking history and gave been trying to substitute your own fevered imagination.

    Unless you have something from the reality-based world to add, this discussion is over on my site. Go post this stuff over on Storm Front. Those half wits will think you are a genius.

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  16. Not_Anonymous permalink

    I guess that Michael Brown may not have been executed in cold blood.

    • Exactly! Just like we know that the Klan was not involved with the murder of Medgar Evers or had anything to do with those civil rights agitators that ended up buried in a Mississippi levee…a local jury said so!

      The justice system works…especially for the Negroes!

      Move along now…Nothing to see here…

      Sent from my iPad


  17. Not Anonymous permalink

    You may be right. After all Dems were in control in both cases. The only kink in the works was three black grand jurors (all uncle toms) and a number of African American witnesses (typically unreliable) who said that Michael Thomas was charging.

    We’ll be counting on the most honest prosecutor in America, Eric Holder, to get to the bottom of this.

    Tough meds you must be on big dog. I am sorry.

    • Once again, you can’t seem to get your mind around that fact that times change and history transcends party labels. In the Fever Swamp Echo Chamber (where you apparently are spending a little too much time) The Democrats of the mid 19th Century are exactly the same as the Democrats of the early 21st Century. In your logic, my wife must be a racist because Strom Thurmond was a racist. The proof? They are both Democrats! I guess the study of Aristotle’s treatise on logic is not big in your neck of the woods.

      Let me try a very close analog: Is the Mormon Church institutionally racist? I don’t think so. Were they as recently as 1977? You bet they were. Have Mormons changed on the issue of race since 1977? I think so. I hope so.

      Secondly, your attempt to be snide and clever are juvenile, although I know that this is the sort of thing that passes for argument in the Fever Swamp. I don’t need you to feely sorry for me and I could care less about your opinion of my meds. Comments like that say far more about you than they say about me.

      Lastly, have a happy Thanksgiving.

  18. Not Anonymous permalink

    Deleted? Why am I not surprised?

  19. Your comment was deleted because you don’t know the difference between clever and snide. Clever is allowed, snide is not. You can post here when you learn the difference.

    And yes, I am the judge. It’s my site.

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