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High Plains Grifter Redux

May 1, 2014


I had hoped to post nothing more about our High Plains Grifter Cliven Bundy. He is, after all, an inconsequential little man with a petty grievance against the Federal government—a grievance about which he is clearly wrong, as decided several times in various courts. Most people were not at all charmed by his cowboy hat, homespun dialect, and his inability to string together two coherent sentences. Except for Sean Hannity, of course.

Once again, he is, quite inadvertently, illustrating something important that we need to pay attention to. The important part of this circus are the “militia” men who have found something to do other than tromp around the woods on the weekends playing soldier.

They have flocked to Nevada to protect our grifter from the tyranny of the rule of law, due process, and the property rights of everyone except for the grifter himself. After all, who needs laws when you have guns?

They have stuck with him even after he revealed himself to be a deeply ignorant, racist buffoon (who could have seen that coming?).

But now they have gone a step further. They have set up “check points” to verify the local residence of any citizen who happens to be travelling down a road that they are blocking. Again, who needs laws when you have guns?

So we are left to wonder what happens when a person decides not to comply with their orders or not to stop at their “check point”?

Do they open fire? Do they kill an innocent citizen for the crime of not recognizing their self-proclaimed authority to decide who is allowed to travel freely on a public road?

Fun Fact: since 9/11, right-wing extremists have killed more Americans than jihadi extremists.

(Note: Word Press is having some trouble connecting to the embedded link. Gere it is:

It is time for legal authorities to end this circus and send the soldier-boy wannabes back to the woods.

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