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More Room in the Clown Car!

January 22, 2014

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I would have bet on later—but sooner it is. Just as the 2016 Republican hopefuls are piling into the GOP Primaries Clown Car for another hilarious run, the darling of the GOP moderates (the few of them that are left), Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ) is stepping (or being dragged) out. Not that Gov. Christie knows it just yet, but the Clown Car is leaving him by the side of the road. Next stop—Crazy Town!

The George Washington Bridge scandal should have surprised no one—especially those that have followed his career. The pettiness of the revenge, the naked abuse of the public trust, and the complete disregard of the people (including their safety) who entrusted him with this office is signature Christie.

Its hard to believe that this was the Republican’s best hope of winning the White House. But he was, and he is no more. Farewell Gov. Christie, the sane will miss you.

So the Clown Car still has several passengers. The most prominent are Ted “Shutdown the Government Tail Gunner” Cruz, Marco “Flip-Flopping” Rubio (this should provide some happy memories for former Romney supporters), Jeb “Really, I’m Not THAT Bush” Bush and  Rand “Not Quite On This Planet” Paul. Not surprisingly all three have been dropping in the polls like gangsters with cement shoes on their way to sleep with the fishes.

There are second and third tier riders, of course, hoping for their opportunity to drive. Rick “Church Lady” Santorum and Bobby “I Have No Idea What the First Amendment Means” Jindal can hardly wait to get their hands on the wheel. But the deeper Republicans dive into the barrel, the more likely the rodeo of 2012 will repeat itself.

As in 2012, each will get their turn, and every new driver will be more hilarious than the one before. I can only hope that Herman Cain sees his great opportunity for the prize and jumps back in. It’s just not quite as crazy without him.

So to the other delusional extremists who not have figured out that the country has moved beyond their garden variety lunacy, and also have not figured out a way to gerrymander the entire nation, I say welcome! Plenty of room in the Clown Car. 

  1. not_Anonymous permalink

    Goodbye and good riddance Chris Christie. Could we whip up some press enthusiasm for examining the holy O with the same enthusiasm?

  2. Here is a more real example of bullying. Only this one isn’t funny.

  3. Follow all the links in this. Obama was joking. Yes clown car for him but terribly unfunny.

  4. Chris Christie is such an amateur. But he is only a governor.

  5. not_Anonymous permalink

    DOJ should be renamed the DOPI Department of Political Intimidation: read all the links

    • And what, exactly, does this have to do with the topic of the post? The topic of the post is not OBAMA BAD! OBAMA BAD! OBAMA BAD! OBAMA BAD!

      That unthinking crap is more suited to your blog. Post it there.

  6. not_Anonymous permalink

    A compare and contrast in the comments is forbidden? You should post the rules for comments at the end of every post. I may get down far enough to read them.

  7. not_Anonymous permalink

    See I thought it was about bullying and abuse of power with Christie being cited as an instance of a bully. I agree that he is a pretty fat buffoon and yes, a bully, but thought that there were a few more instances worthy of consideration. Maybe I ought to read it all the way through. It may not be about bullying.

    • My only rule (and you know this very well) is that comments be somewhat related to the original post. But then, you have always had a very hard time staying on topic, haven’t you? I guess exchanging ideas with you is an exercise in the Short Attention Span Theatre.

      Sorry the post isn’t what YOU wanted to talk about. You can determine the topics on your own blog, but you don’t make the rules here.

  8. not_Anonymous permalink

    Finally, I am not saying OBAMA bad. I am saying OBAMA worse.

    • Split hairs if you think that makes you clever. Obama Derangement Syndrome only clouds your thinking.

  9. So then how trivial is Christie derangement syndrome by comparison?

  10. So is it fair to say that our Two Minute Hate against Chris Christie is over?

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